Food & Supplies

On Airport

A vendor selected by the Bensen Days event management group will provide meals from Wednesday, Breakfast through Lunch Saturday. Saturday evening is the event banquet, requiring reservations and pre-purchased tickets. Attendees are encouraged to patronize the on-site vendor in support of the event.

Fuel at the airport is 100LL avgas. Autogas is not available. A variety of vendors typically set up during the event selling aviation and event-related items. Camping supplies, food or other sundries are not generally available at the airport.

Off Airport

The town of Wauchula is about 20 minutes northeast of the airport. It is a small town, and features typical national fast-food chains, a few restaurants, Winn-Dixie grocery and WalMart with gasoline. There are auto service and parts stores and a better-than-average Ace Hardware store in the town.