Local Area Features

It may be difficult to understand, but it seems some people actually find several days of non-stop airport rotorcraft involvement a bit tedious. Generally, they blame “the kids,” or “the noise,” but ultimately a few participants sometimes find the need to leave the event in search of more variety in their entertainment. To aid in their search, the following alternate reasonable “day-trip” destinations are hereby suggested:

World’s Largest Bowling Pin

Yes, I know. Hard to believe that two such landmark attractions could be in the same hemisphere, let alone within an hour of one another. But as the picture shows, Tampa hosts the World’s Largest Bowling Pin a mere 60 miles from the Bensen Days Event site. It is located at 615 Channelside Drive #120, Tampa, Florida in an outdoor courtyard at the Channelside Bay Plaza Shopping Mall. It is not visible from the street, so this is one you have to work for to add to your list.

Bensen Days World Class Rotary Wing Fly In

Solomon’s Castle

This one is actually worth a visit. In fact, many of the “regulars” typically make a point of dining at the restaurant Thursday evening of the Bensen Days Event. It is the home and studio of internationally-known sculptor Howard Solomon, and one of the better restaurants within easy driving distance (30 minutes) of the Wauchula Airport. More Information is available at http://www.solomonscastle.com/

Bensen Days World Class Rotary Wing Fly In

The Beach (Gulf of Mexico)

The closest beach is about an hour west of the Wauchula Airport at Bradenton, Florida. However, if you are willing to travel another 30 minutes south to Venice, Florida, it could be worth your time. Something about the tides and currents makes the beach at Venice one of the largest repositories of fossilized shark teeth. You need only dig your hand down in the soft sand where the waves break and then keep only the best teeth. There is also a fishing pier with a pretty good seafood restaurant. More information on Venice is here.

Bensen Days World Class Rotary Wing Fly In

Orlando Attractions

The attractions in Orlando (about 65 miles from the Wauchula Airport) are as infamous as they are varied. From Disney World’s mega-complexes to the Studios of Universal and MGM, it would be impossible to make reasonable recommendations other than to provide this link and suggest that there are hundreds of others like it for you to consider: Orlando Attractions.

Bensen Days World Class Rotary Wing Fly In
Bensen Days World Class Rotary Wing Fly In

Tampa Attractions

Tampa, like Orlando, is rich with attractions. It is also nearly the same distance, 60 miles. Besides its beaches and fishing, it hosts Busch Gardens, Legoland, professional sporting events of all kinds and more fine restaurants “than you can shake a cyclic at.” Once again, there are hundreds of fine sites to direct you, such as this one: Tampa Attractions.